WC Wealth Reminders™

To help you manage important tax, legal, financial, vehicle and home-related tasks during overwhelming times

Grief can cause forgetfulness, lack of focus, or a sense of being overwhelmed. These symptoms can lead to missing important financial planning, tax and legal deadlines and overlooking critical tasks. Widowed Community, LLC has a free solution!

We created the WC Wealth Reminderschecklist to remind you of what tasks need accomplished throughout the year to help you get and keep your life in order. Speaking of order, these tasks are organized so you know which ones need accomplished each month, three times a year, annually or at a specific time during the year.

Please realize that not every published reminder may apply to your situation. The timing of some published reminders may differ from your specific situation, so adjust accordingly. If you find a recurring task in your own life that isn’t published in our WC Wealth Reminders™ checklist, please let me know via the Contact page.

To obtain your free WC Wealth Reminders checklist, please enter your email address below and click the Download Now button. Your checklist will download immediately!

Important: The information provided within the WC Wealth Reminders™ provides general educational information and is not specific advice for your situation. Your situation may differ.  For additional information please visit the Terms of Use page for disclaimer, privacy policy, permissions & reprints and comment policy as they relate to the blog posts, WC Wealth Reminders™ and other information and documents available on this website. The FAQs page also contains some good information related to documents on this site.

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