Password Tracker

Your spouse may have had dozens or even hundreds of online accounts and you might too.

Trying to remember all the log-in credentials; User IDs, passwords, answers to security questions, and Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), simply isn’t practical!

Please document all your online account passwords and access codes BEFORE something happens to you. Your spouse, family members or trusted friend will be grateful.

​Two versions of the Password Tracker are available for you: a spreadsheet version for those comfortable with spreadsheets and a PDF version for those wanting to print and handwrite their log-in credentials.

I dedicated an entire blog post on the importance of tracking your spouse’s (and your) log-in credentials. Please take a look if you wish.

To receive your free Password Tracker, enter your email address below and click the Download Now button. The downloaded file is a Zipped file containing two separate files. Open the Zipped folder and save the Excel spreadsheet and PDF files to your computer in the folder of choice. Then you can open and view them properly.


Note to Windows Users: If you let your browser open the zipped folder (instead of saving the two files inside the zipped folder to your computer), you may run into an issue. Also, if you have the file Preview Pane turned on in your Windows computer, trying to open one of the files from the Zipped folder may display an error stating the file is already open. These are common issues when dealing with downloaded zipped files. I recommend turning off the Preview Pane through your View menu and saving the two files to your computer before trying to view them. 


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