Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I can't find or open my downloaded document. What should I do?

If you downloaded a checklist, starter kit or other document but can’t open it or find it, the necessary steps needed will depend on which browser you use, how you have downloads configured and what software your computer has loaded.

If you know the location of the downloaded file, but can’t view or open it, you may need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download the latest version here. Make sure you choose the version of Adobe Reader to match your computer hardware and software. Also, Adobe has a few boxes checked by default on their download page which will install sponsored antivirus and other software, unless unchecked. I recommend unchecking those boxes if you don’t want the sponsored software installed on your computer.

If you aren’t sure where your browser saved the downloaded file, the necessary steps depend on which browser you use (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). Links to several 3rd party tutorials for each browser are provided below:

For Windows-based computers, Apple computers, Android and Apple iPhones and iPads, read through this link provided by Computer Hope. For Windows computer users, you can try clicking Ctrl + J (hold down the Control key while pressing the J key at the same time) to bring up the Downloads folder for any browser.

If you use Firefox and the tutorial at Computer Hope (link above) doesn’t work, check this link directly to Firefox.

For Chrome users, use this link.

If all else fails and you can’t find your download, please Contact me, let me know which file(s) you want, and I’ll get them to you.

I have questions about a certain stock, mutual fund or investment. Do you blog about specific investments, investment performance, stock market activity or the economic outlook?
This Site, including the Widowed Community Financial Blog and all other materials is educational in nature and focused on addressing the many financial challenges faced by surviving spouses and partners. I work in the financial services industry as a fee-only financial advisor. If I write about specific investments, the performance of portfolios managed at my company, or provide a stock market outlook, this Site would no longer be educational, it would become an advertisement, a solicitation for business, requiring a higher level of compliance oversight, record keeping and scrutiny.
I've asked a question about my specific situation or issue but you have not given me a recommendation. Why not?

I work in the financial services industry as a fee-only financial advisor and want to keep this Site educational in nature. Because of these factors, I cannot provide specific investment guidance, advice or recommendations on this Site. My replies, blog posts and all materials will be limited to education on how or why things work, not if a particular choice, option, service or product is right for you. It can take in-depth analysis and understanding of your complete financial situation before knowing what might or might not work for you.  If you seek advice or assistance for your financial situation, you can learn more about my services at this website.

Why do you discuss car, house and computer issues on this Site and in your Blog?

The focus of this Site is to help you manage and protect your wealth. Your wealth consists of what you own, like vehicles, homes and investments, and what you owe, like a mortgage and credit card balances. A poorly maintained car can cost you more in repairs than a well maintained car. A mortgage with a higher interest rate than what can currently be obtained costs you more, maybe a lot more, over the life of that mortgage. Same with credit cards. Interestingly, the way you use your computer and your practices while accessing the internet or emails can adversely affect your wealth. Think about all the cyber-crime, hackers, phishing, and email scams that take place every day. The smart consumer is vigilant online when using User IDs, passwords, entering Social Security numbers, account numbers or even a home address. Criminals are changing tactics all the time and finding new ways to try and strip you of your wealth. So you see, protecting and managing your wealth requires lots of thoughtful planning, awareness on the latest scams, and best practices when dealing with computer and internet technology. This Site and the Widowed Community Financial Blog will cover these issues because they can affect your wealth.

Why can't I find information about your services and company on this Site?

As a fee-only financial advisor I want to keep this Site educational in nature and chose not to advertise my financial services or company details on this website. If I did solicit business on this Site, a higher level of compliance oversight would be needed as per SEC requirements. If you want to learn more about my professional background and advisory services, please visit this website.

What are the Terms for using information found on this website and in the Blog?

Here is the full Terms of Use page containing the following sections: