Fiduciary Fee-Only Financial Planning and Advice for Widows and Widowers

Financial Planning Knowledge, Wisdom and Know-How for High Net Worth Surviving Spouses and Partners

As a recent widow or widower, would you prefer a smooth transition and consolidation of your estate, accounts and assets to a simpler and more manageable form?

Are you looking for professional guidance with a personal touch to help you achieve and maintain lifelong financial security and independence?

As a surviving spouse, do you feel that your current financial advisor, perhaps chosen long ago, is not fully trusted or lacks the experience to handle your detailed financial planning needs?

There are three critical attributes to look for when searching for a qualified financial advisor:

Fiduciary – An advisor in a fiduciary capacity is required to put their client’s interests first and maintain a professional certification such as the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification. Also ask your potential financial advisor if they are required to fulfill a fiduciary responsibility 100% of the time, not part-time.

Fee-Only – means the financial advisor does not collect a commission when recommending financial products.  A Financial Planning Checklist for Widows and WidowersFee-Only financial advisor is compensated directly and only by their client. The term “Fee-Only” is commonly confused with “Fee-based”. A fee-based advisor can collect commissions through product sales as well as charge fees (commissions + fees). Approximately 95% of all advisors collect fees and commissions (Fee-based).

Extensive experience working with widows and widowers. Find an advisor who spends the majority of their time, and has specific and extensive experience, working with surviving spouses and partners.  A good number of financial advisors choose to focus on certain clientele such as small business owners, companies needing 401k plans, or young professionals, for example. Many advisors say they work with any client. My niche – my specialty – is assisting widows and widowers. In fact, I authored one of the most comprehensive and sought-after checklists in the country for new widows and widowers. If you need a heart doctor, you don’t go to an eye doctor and you don’t go to a general practitioner. The same is true of your financial advisor. Go see the specialist!

In addition to professional qualifications, ask the advisor if they have any involvement in the widowed community outside of their professional obligations.  Learn about my time dedicated to helping the widowed community. As your trusted financial advisor, I will put my 20+ years of experience working with widows and widowers to educate you and guide you on a path to clarity and confidence.


Fiduciary Fee-Only Financial Planner





One of the biggest challenges a surviving spouse faces is trying to make sense of the huge pile of paperwork, account statements, tax returns and legal forms she is collecting. Already overwhelmed with grief, how is a widow supposed to grasp the details of what she owns and owes? Let me answer this with a question…What’s easier to understand, a single concise graphic or page after page of financial gibberish and endless numbers? A picture is worth a thousand words they say.  Most people are visual learners and find a graphic much easier to grasp than a giant stack of papers.

If your spouse managed the family finances and investments, I’m offering to help you build awareness of your accounts and assets (what you own) and liabilities (what you owe). Let me take that pile of papers and build that picture of your estate – I call it an Asset Map.

STEP 1: Provide us with all of your financial papers, documents and statements.

Widows and Widowers Asset Map, Step 1

STEP 2: Get Organized! We will organize, for FREE, your financial papers into a nice easy-to-understand graphic that shows every account, asset and debt.*

Widows and Widowers Asset Map, Step 2

STEP 3: Consolidate and Simplify! With everything organized, we can discuss the next step by showing you how you might want to consolidate and simplify your estate.*

Widows and Widowers Asset Map, Step 3

How is this Asset Map useful to me? Your Asset Map can help you determine:

  • How to consolidate and simplify your estate. Why have a dozen or more accounts when you might only need 3 or 4!
  • Which accounts need re-registered. Without proper registration, you might pay higher taxes or lose valuable options for the account.
  • If any accounts or assets are missing. Clues of missing accounts are found in tax returns and bank statements.
  • Your net worth. This is an important figure in helping you understand the state of your financial independence.
  • From which accounts you can pull money now and later in life.

To take me up on this FREE offer:

  1. Call me at 480.998.1798 or Contact Me via my firm’s website so we can chat about your situation.
  2. On this call we will discuss how to collect all of your documents and get them to me. You can physically drop them off at my office, make a copy and mail them to me or scan and upload them to a secure online document vault.
  3. Over the next few weeks I’ll go through every single document, build your personal Asset Map and get you on a path to clarity and confidence.

We are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice. Building an Asset Map does not address potential tax and legal issues, which may require coordination with your professional team. Always seek professional legal and tax advice in additional to financial advice. The offer to build your Asset Map is a limited scope offer.


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