Widowed Community Reading List

Finding Your Way Through Grief: A Guide for the First Year (Second Edition)

Revised and expanded in 2008, this popular and well-received book is a sensitive, informative guide to help survivors understand and cope with the feelings and experiences they’re likely to encounter in the first year following the death of their loved one. Written by a certified hospice bereavement counselor.

Poor Widow Me by Carol Scibelli

“Brilliant concept and terrific writing. Divorced people will relate to POOR WIDOW ME, too, and I can already see it as a movie or a TV series.”
~ PENNY MARSHALL, Actress, Director, Producer

“You’ll laugh and you’ll cry and you’ll feel comforted by Carol’s words and support. Her messages are inspiring.”
~ Dr. JUDY KURIANSKY, clinical psychologist, TV and radio personality, www.drjudy.com

“POOR WIDOW ME manages to console and encourage with just the right touch of humor that comes from the heart and tickles the soul.”

Learning to Laugh When You Feel Like Crying: Embracing Life After Loss

Anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one can greatly benefit from this book, which was inspired firsthand by the loss of author Allen Klein’s wife. Klein addresses the subject with expert awareness and wisdom and breaks it down into five sensible and encouraging steps: losing, learning, letting go, living, and laughing.

The book is a steadfast compass that offers hope and resilience to anyone trying to navigate through dark times.

Twenty-Eight Snow Angels: A Widow’s Story of Love, Loss and Renewal

The author invites the reader into her personal experience of grief, as she faces life alone, after the sudden death of her 54 year old husband. With honesty and a clear perspective, Dettmann reveals her daily struggles and the realities of grief. The reader feels her pain and at the same time rejoices in her commitment to tackle the daily challenges of life alone and to succeed. Her heartfelt story inspires hope as the reader discovers that they can build a meaningful life—alone or with someone new—after a devastating loss.

Fiduciary Fee-Only Financial Planning and Advice for Widows and Widowers

Are you looking for professional guidance with a personal touch to help you achieve and maintain your lifelong financial security and independence?


New Widow's Complete Checklist

A comprehensive step-by-step checklist covering vital financial, tax and legal issues during your first year as a new widow

WC Wealth Reminders™

To help you manage important tax, legal and financial tasks as well as protect and maintain your home and vehicles


Financial Advisor Evaluation & Selection Tool

Learn How to Evaluate and Select a Professional, Financial Planning-based Financial Advisor